Life Studios inc shoots couples epic engagement , wedding video and Photos in Iceland

Life Studios inc shoots couples epic engagement , wedding video and Photos in Iceland

Are these the most epic engagement photos EVER? Vancouver Couple travel to Iceland with a full crew for pre-wedding shoot


Vancouver, BC—“Wild Love” Epic Engagement Film & Photos Going Viral

A new film and set of exotic engagement photos of a jet-set couple in Iceland are taking the internet by storm. But to hear Cici and Clement tell the story, when they were looking for a location for their engagement video, they never dreamed they’d end up perched high atop active volcanos or deep within glacier-cut caves—in haute couture. Yet that’s exactly where they landed earlier this year, after turning to Life Studios Inc, a Vancouver and Syndey-based high-end cinematography and photography studio.

Seasoned travellers who had already toured the sights of cosmopolitan Europe, Cici and Clement were a power couple seeking something more: more adventure, more excitement, more natural beauty. When Life Studios suggested Iceland as the backdrop for their video—with its amazing, mythic landscape and incomparable sense of wonder—they knew they’d found the right place.

For five unforgettable days, led by an experienced guide from Extreme Iceland, Cici and Clement travelled with the Life Studios team of two photographers and two cinematographers to create truly unique images celebrating both the untamed beauty of one of the most exotic locations on earth, and the undeniable luxury of contemporary high fashion. Enduring heavy rains, gale-force winds, and sometimes perilous perches on shifting ice and sand, the couple were captured in high style—in tuxes, ties, and flowing gowns in a rainbow of colours—on locations from Skógafoss Waterfall to Reynisfjara black sand beach, Skaftafell Nature Park, and the incredible Jökulsárlón Lagoon—where the team discovered glacier caves more beautiful than any architecture they had ever seen.

The resulting video, “Wild Love” (, and photo  series are now winning international acclaim (most recently in WedLuxe Magazine and the Daily Mail UK), highlighting industry-leader Life Studios’ passion for uncovering their clients’ dreams and telling their stories in extraordinary ways.

Says Creative Director Jacob Wasef: “Our goal is always to draw out our clients’ vision and bring their ideas to life. We prime their imagination and encourage them to think big, and our commitment to do the same often leads us to some pretty wild ideas—like the Iceland shoot!”

That spirit of adventure has taken Life Studios Inc from local destinations like Whistler, Victoria, and in and around Vancouver, to such exotic locations as Ghana, the Dominican Republic, Montreal, and Mexico. And their recent expansion into the Australian market is sure to offer many more exciting opportunities to record life-changing moments in future. The key, says Jacob, is to find landscapes that best represent their clients’ essence and personal journey. “Just as couples can be passionate or introspective or everything at once, so too do different locales inspire us for a variety of reasons.”

The shoot with Cici and Clement was truly memorable, and one that Life Studios is extremely proud of. “We were inspired by the notion of capturing young love and extraordinary luxury in the most unlikely of locales, the Far North, amidst the dreamy moonscapes, glacier caves, and vastness of the mythical country of Iceland.”

Besides wedding and engagement videos, Life Studios’ award-winning team of cinematographers, photographers, sound engineers, editors, and new media specialists also produces fashion editorials, music videos, commercials, films, and more. They are always looking for new opportunities to meet and collaborate with people all around the world, and to be inspired by beauty. “Everything has beauty in it and it is our job to find it and highlight it!”


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