Jacob, I have to say that the same day edit yesterday was Absolutely Amazing. Totally the highlight of the day, it looked like a feature film in production value and I don’t even know what to say other than wow – I was blown away – and I see a lot of those.  :)

Erin Kathleen Bishop
Filosophi Events

Dear Christine and Jacob,


I wanted to send out a personal note thanking you both for all your hard work and expertise with the photography and cinematography.   I have spoken to Sanya and Tony and they are more than happy with the way everything went on Saturday. I look forward to seeing the finished product and working with you both again.


All the best.


Maria Schollen
Owner/Event Stylists

Hi Christine,


Wanted to write and say how wonderful your team were. Video and photo clicked together seamlessly. It made the day quick and fun not to mentioned they were all awesome to chat and “work” with! Annie and myself are very happy with everything, thank you.


We can’t wait to see the final product (When I wrote we, I meant she. Did I mention I was camera shy?) From what she saw during the day, her expectation is through the roof!!!


Thank you again for everything and please send our best to the team.


Best Wishes,


Francis Le
Creative Director
Inspire Advertising Group

Hello Christine and Jacob,


Thank you soooo much for being a part of our wedding! You guys did an awesome job on our JB music video, everyone loved it!

And for our feature video, I just wanted to let you know you are able to use any song you like, whatever goes with the video.

Are you able to send me the video? So many of them want to see it again:)


Again, thank you so much for everything!!!! You guys are awesome!


Sanya & Tony

Hello Christine, Jacob and the rest of the Life Studios team!


Just wanted to say a big thank you from me and Corey for all your hard work at our wedding. We loved your same day edit and the guests were raving about it for days after! Your team was fantastic to work with and we had a great time with them. Jacob especially was very fun to work with (especially with entertaining Corey with his Michael Bay shot).


Thank you again for helping us create such beautiful memories of the day.  We can’t wait to see the final feature!



Stephanie and Corey

Hi Christine,


We just got back from our vacation and finally had the opportunity to re-watch the SDE.  Oh my…we are so blown away by the video!!!! We just want to say thank you again for listening to our ideas and translating our vision into a masterpiece. Likewise, we had a wonderful time working with Jacob, Aaron, and Nick on our wedding day.  Jacob went above and beyond anything we could have expected. During the wedding ceremony, our neighbor unexpectedly started mowing the lawn and Jacob reacted quickly to the situation and ran down the block to ask them to stop.  My friends and family were extremely impressed by Jacob’s professionalism and raved about his work ethic all evening.  Christine, you found yourself a wonderful man!


I have been promoting LIFE studios through word of mouth and my friend Karen has already booked a consultation with you next week! :)


We can’t wait to see our wedding features!! Please keep us posted when everything is ready.


Warmest Regards,


Winnie & Eric



Just in case we didn’t mention it on the wedding day it was an absolute pleasure to have you there with us and working with your company is amazing!! Thank you for your energizing smile and attitude and everything you did to capture our special day!




Selena & Adrian Diepold

Hi Christine,


I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending the best two videographers that a girl can ask for to our wedding! Darcy and Nick were such awesome guys to work with and it was so weird hearing Ishan and his groomsmen speak to Nick as if he was their own friend! And Darcy was a pleasure to work with as well, he was so nice, welcoming and patient with our crazy and loud family! I can’t wait to see the video, and I’m certain they have done an awesome job!


Thanks again,



Good Morning Christine and Jacob!


Thank you for all your support over the past year!! You guys are truly amazing!


Through all the events you guys rocked it! You made us feel comfortable the whole way through, you captured all the moments it was absolutely amazing!


Thank you again so much!!


See you soon,


Zahra and Nadir

Hi Christine and Jacob!!!


First of all, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to you and your incredible team for doing an amazing job on Friday – we had sooooo much fun with Jacob, Nick, Bryan. Henry and Nicholas.  They were awesome!!!  Also everyone was raving about how professional, easy-going and friendly they all were.


Thank you,


Kathy & Mike

Hi Christine and Jacob,


Thanks for reposting our video so our friends and family and watch it. I absolutely love our video and its perfect in every way! I doubt your dorky enough to be a fan now. Haha…but then again, not many know about my closet STAR WARS obsession unless you really know me well. You made our day magical! And yes, I AM YOUR #1 FAN!!! I can’t stop watching our video either. I just showed a few coworkers today and they were just blown out of the water. They all felt it was quite the production. Can’t wait until my brother gets engaged so I get you guys to do his video as well.


Thanks again for making our day magical! Muah!



Hi Christine! Thank you for dropping by last night and please thank Jacob, Tamara, Clint and Ni (didn’t catch the editor’s name) for a REMARKABLE video. There were no dry eyes in the house. It was Amaaaaaaazing!!!!! Would it be possible for you to email me a link to the video? Everyone is already asking. And of course I would love to have it as well!! Thank you guys SO much!! Love Sylvia and Jeff.


Got the SDE link! Thank you so much, Christine! We’ve already watched it 5 times and I know we will continue to watch the video a thousand times more! The more we watch, the more little things we notice. Thank you again for being such a wonderful and talented team at LifeStudios!!! We look forward to sharing this and cherishing these memories forever.


XOXO, Sylvia and Jeff

Hi Christine!


Thank you for everything! You and your team captured our wedding day perfectly. Every precious moment will be remembered from the photos and video. We absolutely LOVE the SDE :) Thank you for keeping in mind all the small things like making sure we look good in every shot. We loved working with you and will definitely recommend Life Studios to all our friends and family.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Best regards,


May & Anson

Good morning Christine! We just want to say it was a terrific experience working with Jacob and the rest of the crew. The head photographer was amazing. Tayne can’t stop talking about the SDE and wants to see it again! We absolutely love it! She thinks its the best video you guys made (unbiased opinion of course!).


Jim and Tayne

Hi Christine!


Working with Life Studios was an amazing experience. Please upload the SDE as soon as possible. We are in Hong Kong right now and it would be awesome if we could share our special day with our friends and family who were not able to attend our wedding. We will be watching it 100+ times because we love it so much.


We’re looking forward to seeing you and Jacob upon our return!


Best regards,


May & Anson

Hi Christine,


I just wanted to send you a quick email letting you know how absolutely amazing our team was! They fit in with the group seamlessly and were extremely professional at the same time. We, including the guest, were blown away with the same day edit, and it turned out better then we could ever imagine! I have nothing but great things to say about all 3 of them! And I will be recommending life studios to everyone who will listen. Thank you for everything and I also wanted to just let you know that the guys ended up staying an extra hour because things ran long. So please let us know what the fee is.


Thank you a million times over!

Hi Christine!


Thank you so much – your team was amazing that day. We had lots of fun with them and they were just fantastic!! I wish we had more events just so we could hire you guys again, just so we could hang out with you haha… Thank YOU for being so patient and responsive through the entire planning process.


Victoria and Michael

Hi Christine,


We wanted to thank you and your team for the amazing same day edit you created for us. It blew us away and we were so happy with it. You really captured what was important to us. All our friends and family loved it! And I want to thank you for helping carry my dress during our photo shoot–I forgot it had stains by the time I walked down the aisle. You helped calm my nerves:)


Many thanks again and looking forward to seeing the finished product!


Grace and Sherwin

Hi Christine and Jacob,


First off, we’d like to say, Jacob you are so awesome and was so fun to have around as a our videographer!  Your laughter is so contagious and just makes our day even more fun!


Thank you so much for being a part of our special day, and capturing all the special moments!  The SDE is AWESOME!  It is perfect and the music and action pairing was so cool.  You guys really did capture our personality!!


Thank you again and hear from you soon!! =)


Karen & Ray

Dear Jacob and Christine,


In the many years of having photos taken, the care and diligence from you and your staff was HNL! THANK YOU for giving us your time, your talent, your staff and allowing us to be in your exceptional studio. We pray that this seed you have sown will bring such a fruitful reward, there’s literally not room to contain it. Look out!


Much Love – Pastors Dave and Cheryl
Coastal Church

Hi Christine,


Omg your videographers were AMAZING! We wanted to thank you guys sooooo much! It was beyond what we could have ever imagined, and it was beyond a doubt the most talked about thing at the wedding!!


Anyways we will be in touch. Thanks again so so much!


Casey and Nate

Omg!!!!!!!! Our Trailer is sooooo beautiful I cry every time I watch it. It’s exactly what I wanted and more :) :) thank you thank you!!!!


You guys are beyond awesome !!!


Lots of love 
Pary & mark 

Hi Christine,


Thanks again for the amazing day. You guys were PHENOMINAL! We had such a great time working with you all, and were so happy with all the shots you were getting. You were all so reassuring, professional, and accommodating, we couldn’t have asked for a better team. Thank you so much for making our wedding day magical… we really owe it to your team.


Lots of love!


Kelsey (& Sean)

Hi Christine,
We just watched the trailer of our wedding and wanted to let you know we LOVE it!!!! It just makes me want more haha. You guys did such an amazing job and are so comfortable to work with. We can’t wait to see the rest of the footage. Thank you and your team for all your hard work! You did a Fantastic job and our friends and family pass along their compliments as well


Gillian and David

Dear Jacob and Christine,


This is what happen when your work with the best of the best! You get the best!!!!!!! You guys, I don’t have the right words to express how thankful I am. You understood what I was looking for and captured it beyond my expectations. Every one of those pictures is a stunner and it’s going to be hard to pick!


Your professionalism always amazes me. I am so blessed to have you in my life as my close friends and colleague. Thanks you Thank you Thank you!!!


Merci mes Amis, je vous aimes


Your dearest French Marmelade

Hi Christine!!


I have to say…. I received soooooo so so many amazing compliments about the video Life Studios put together for my wedding!! Thank you so much! It was such an incredible event and the team and the music you guys put together was absolutely remarkable and captured it amazingly. I am so happy with the outcome!!


Thank you again for everything! You were such an amazing person to meet and work with for the wedding day – I couldn’t have lucked out any better to get such an amazing team together and meet such wonderful people!




Laura (& Marshall)

My husband and I (Kodai and Jessica Saeki) actually got married at Minoru Chapel and had you guys organize all our wedding things about two years ago. We moved abroad recently and were going through our stuff and were watching the videos again that we had you all do for us, and I just wanted to write and ask if I could say thank you again so much especially to the videographers and video production people. They did a really awesome video and “trailer” for us, and it just came out better than I could have expected.


So, thanks again!



Jessica Saeki

Oh wow!!!! Christine, that means so much to us!!! I was actually thinking how nice it would have been to have had the full speeches documented, and so this honestly just made my day!!! And to have the full ceremony too – this is honestly so awesome.


All of the people that have been involved (prior to wedding liaising, working around our crazy scheduling of the two days, the people involved on-site during the weekend of wedding, etc) – you’ve just all been so easy to work with, in addition to having an absolutely stunning product.


Have a fabulous day :) xo


Andrea Butler, MD BSc
From Andrea and Jamil

Thank you so much for being part of our wedding.  The SDE was so beautifully done and everybody raved about it non-stop!  We can’t wait to see the video again and we couldn’t have asked for a better videographer than Life Studios!


Thank you so much Christine!  We can’t wait to see the video!



P.S.  The granola bar you fed me before the tea ceremony was definitely a life saver – I probably would have fainted half way through the banquet if it wasn’t for you – I barely got any food down!  Thank you for being so attentive and caring! <3


Brenda AND Tyler

I want to say thank you so much for such a fantastic day. Life studios Inc was amazing!


Jacob, was a blast to work with. Bridal party absolutely loves him! 
He made it so easy for us to do what we needed to do and it was a lot of fun. Time went by quick because we were all having fun.


And the video, omg. Amazing!! 
Thank you for such a wonderful experience and providing us with such great memories.


Can’t wait to show off the video! 😁 
Lots of love

Mark and I just wanted to express how awesome and fantastic you guys were on our wedding. All the staff were fun, relaxing to be around, very professional and of course jacobs laugh is amazing and infectious to be around!


Words can not explain how happy we were with you guys and our same day edit looked absolutely amazing at the wedding! I know Mark has not been able to stop checking online in anticipation to see it again! How long after would it come on?


Thank you so much for everything and we are super excited and cant hardly wait to see the photos and the videos!!


Sabrina and Mark

We can’t stop talking about how amazing Jacob and the team were this past weekend. Jacob’s laughter and positive energy took away our wedding day nerves and made the limo ride with the wedding party unforgettable! Ashim was saying to me today that he misses hanging out with Jacob! Not an hour goes by without us talking about how much fun we had with the wedding and everyone who made it so special for us.


Thanks for the SDE link! We have to confess: we were too excited to watch it ASAP so we googled it yesterday and found our Trilogy. We shared it on facebook and tagged you so that everyone who gets engaged will know that there is no-one better to go with than Life Studios.


Watching the SDE the evening of our wedding out on the dance floor was incredible, but watching it for the second to fourth time literally moved us to tears. We had so many guests telling us how amazing the cinematography was. You and Jacob do such an incredible job and we can’t thank you enough for the amazing work you did.




Amita & Ashim.

Thank you so much for editing the timing of our ceremony and the ring shot for our SDE. It is perfect! We are so in love it! It’s funny how many people told us they cried when watching our video especially the people we don’t even know lol


You guys did an amazing job and I’m so glad above all things we got the SDE! Can’t tell you how fast the day went by and all we have now is the video! It allows us to relive that day again and again for the rest of our lives hehe. And i’m so thankful for it!  I can’t believe we weren’t going to get the video but thanks to you Christine you made it work for us and i can’t thank you enough. You guys made our day so special. You guys are the best videographers in vancity. Miss you!!


Jenn and Julian

Vincci and I had a spectacular wedding on the 16th and we are extremely grateful to your photographers and videographers for being there to capture it for us!  Despite the hectic pace and crowded reception venue, they were never in the way but always in position to capture the moment.  They are real professionals.


Two of your guys went above and beyond the call of duty, though. Nhi was a real hero to us when we discovered that we didn’t have any car keys after the photo shoot. He drove us to our hotel to get changed for the banquet and that was extremely awesome of him. I didn’t catch the second guy’s name, but the blond guy with glasses on your team (Geoff) who was at our reception was extremely supportive of our shy maid of honour, who was nervous about her speech.


Thanks for a wonderful experience!


Jordan and Vincci

I just wanted to thank you SO incredibly much for what Kory and i can only describe as the best day ever!!!


Saturday was such an amazing day for us!  i don’t even think i can put into words all the emotions i felt that day.  it was as though i was in a dream – a very beautiful dream.  from the moment i work up to the moment i went to bed, the entire day was just perfection.


You and your team were beyond amazing – just unreal!!  we had a blast with you all and i can not thank you enough for everything you did for us and with us!  we definitely had the time of our lives!!  your calm and composure, your excitement and energy and just you being there made us feel at such ease!  kory and i knew when we decided to hire Life Studios we knew we would be taken care of, but you definitely exceeded our expectations.  i know you must hear this all the time, but we can not WAIT to see the photos and the videos.  we were just beyond thrilled at how everything turned out that day.  we had a vision, and with you and your team, evan and his team and kelsey and her team, and the hotel, everything was just unreal!!  thank you for everything – making decisions, allowing me to take photos i wanted, fixing my hair and makeup and just ensuring that all day long we looked flawless.  it was just awesome!!!


your excitement and enthusiasm, and desire to get the “perfect” shot is just unreal.  your commitment to ensure your clients get the very best is just awesome – we loved it all!!


I also wanted to thank you for giving us our moment in the ball room when kory and i saw it for the first time.  i was just blown away by it’s beauty and i just became overwhelmed with emotion.  thank you for acknowledging that and seeing that we needed a moment together to just enjoy it.  thank you.  i means a lot to me in a day that is dictated by strict timelines, that Kory and i were able to enjoy that moment together. thank you. :)


I could go on and on (but i’ll save that for the testimonial we’ll write for you!) but i just wanted to quickly write you now that the chaos has died down and we’ve had a moment to breath and remember the day piece by piece, moment by moment.  thank you so, so much.  our day was so magical and we have you and your amazing team to thank for that.  i don’t know where you get all your energy from, but please don’t ever loose it! Lol.


Looking forward to the next steps with you… please let us know what you need from us, we are just so incredibly excited to see everything!  please send our hello’s to Jacob – can’t wait to see you both again! lots of love!


Christine + Kory

I have to compliment you on your fantastic team. They are amazing. And just like you said, we barely even noticed them there! They are so sneaky :). The girls especially liked Jeff the video guy who came to our room, he was so sweet. Mark and I also really appreciated the photographer  (sorry forget her name) she did a great job at keeping us calm and comfortable. I even think Mark had fun! He sure looked good 😉 We can’t wait to see the photos!


A million thank you’s Christine!!! xoxoxox


Andrea and Mark

Thanks again for all your hard work on capturing all our beautiful memories! We were absolutely blown away by the same day edit, as were all our family and friends. I still have people asking me which company did our video, and commenting on how fabulous it was.


I really love all the highlight photos that you uploaded too! I like how some are very candid, natural and colourful; and I also really like the more dramatic effect ones that are black and white. I cannot wait to see more! I was a little upset that morning when it wasn’t beautiful and sunny, but you guys really made the gloomy skies look so gorgeous! So thanks again for such wonderful work, we love you guys as a couple too – very real and made us feel so comfortable.


Have an awesome weekend!


Erin and Jason

Thank you so much Christine! All of our friends and family LOVE the sde! I must have watched it like 100 times myself LOL. You guys did an incredible job.  I’m so so so happy we chose Life Studios.  I’m going to recommend you guys to everyone!!!


Can’t wait to see the rest of what you are putting together!


Anna and Mike