About Life Studios


Capturing your wedding with contemporary elegance

About Life Studios Inc

Life Studios Inc is a boutique Cinematography and Photography Studio comprised of an international award winning team of artists. Each one brings their individual expertise and flair to the creative process of capturing your Life Changing Moments with Contemporary Elegance.

Together we have a combined total of more than 20 years of experience ranging from Cinematography, Photography, Fashion, Sound Engineering and Broadcast.


Our Approach

Our heart is to document and tell our couple’s distinctive story by using a cinematic approach. We step out of the box of average and into the world of creativity to give each couple something unique and excellent.

To fashion a piece of art requires much more than merely shooting and filming. We are committed to working wonders with every wedding we capture. We get to know our couple’s and showcase every detail of their special day that will be cherished for years to come. Everything that’s important to you and your Life is important to us at Life Studios Inc.


Our heart is to capture each couple’s distinctive style by using a Contemporary Cinematic approach.


We make sure to get the image. We capture each moment as it happens. We are everywhere you want us to be. We’ll meet ahead of time to discuss and plan locations, your specific requests and ‘must have’ shots you want in the final product. Our team knows how to grab all of the best images without getting in the way or drawing attention to ourselves. We shoot in a variety of formats and will match our equipment to your budget and expectations.


Your story. Beautifully told. The art is in the edit. As we assemble the pieces to tell your story, we focus on a radical minimum standard. Good enough isn’t. Your love is extraordinary. Your lives are unique. And the deliverables must be both as well.


When the product is complete, we’ll provide finished copies in the format of your choice. Most clients prefer Customized Flash Drives to ensure the highest quality media possible as well as Albums. We also offer archiving options and delivery choices if your needs require.


Your life is an epic journey. We’d be honored to work with you in every season of life. In a sense, we’re a lifetime media company, following you through each moment you want to hold forever… Weddings, births, religious ceremonies like baptisms and mitzvahs, remembrance videos, family documentaries… anything that’s important to you and your life is important to us at life studios.